Journeys and Excursions
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When can I come?
Available throughout the year.  The only question you need to ask of yourself regarding availability is “How soon can I get here?”. We operate throughout the year with places obviously in highest demand during the peak summer season. Please contact us for availability. 
Why do I choose a this tour ?
With our tours we will take you to spots of natural beauty, you will see striking spots of the Languedoc Roussillon Midi Pyrénées region, though you cannot possibly see everything you would visit in a month. At Trésor Languedoc we will try to highlight the best cultural spots of Languedoc Roussillon and Midi Pyrénées according to the length of your holiday. The 7 days, 6 nights tour is just an example of what we can accomplish, however, we can also create a bespoke itinerary. Group size 2 – 8 people. 


Visit and explore south of france with a private tour guide,

vip tour,

See below an example of how the week can be organized 

DAY 1 Sunday

Transfer from the airport or train station (Toulouse, Carcassonne Castelnaudary; others on demand) to your Gîte or your Hôtel. Or you can rent a car on your own if you want to have more freedom during the week (gîtes are all isolated from town situated in amazing  rural environment), otherwise Tresor Languedoc will take care of your transport for excursions (included in the tour) but also other purposes on demand (shopping for example).Trésor Languedoc can help you to rent the car.

DAY 2 Monday

Visit the Carcassonne fortress which is a Unesco classified monument and the biggest castle of Europe. Founded during the Gallo-Roman period, the citadel derives its reputation from its 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) long double surrounding walls interspersed by 52 towers.[1] The town has about 2,500 years of history and has seen the Romans, Visigoths, Saracens and Crusaders

Included : a tour guide accredited historical guide  during 2h30

around 17 hr , you’ll be taken to a private vineyard for a wine tasting.

DAY 3 Tuesday

Cruise on the Canal du Midi (2 hr) which is a 240 km canal built in the 17th century and linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.The canal brought commercial prosperity to the region. Today, leisure cruises have taken over and the Canal du Midi has been a major tourist attraction since it was granted world heritage status by UNESCO.

Visit the Saint Papoul former benedictine abbey which was founded during the 8th century. It used to be a bishop see from 1317 t 1789, after which, it was anbandoned until it was listed as Historical Monument during the 1840s.

DAY 4 Wednesday

Chateaux de lastours

Included : a tour guide accredited historical guide  during 2h30

DAY 5 Thursday

Toulouse is called « the pink city » because of the red brick used for the constructions of buildings and houses. Discover a vibrant and typical south of France city with pedestrian streets, The Capitol place, The St Sernin Basilic, Many bridges and Garonne sides, museums and restaurants…

Included : a tour guide accredited historical guide  during 2h30

Optional with supplement :

book a 1 or 2 hour tour on a mobilboard (min 45 kg, max 118 kg)

 DAY 6 Friday

Albi and Cordes sur Ciel

Included : a tour guide accredited historical guide  during 2h30

DAY 7 Saturday

Latest departure at 10 AM, transfer to the airport or train station.


Meal at the gîte can be arranged with a home cook (prices on demand). We can advice you on the best Restaurants!


  • Discovery set includes :

    -Transfer from and to the airport or train station;

    Accommodation in gîte on a double bedroom basis (+300€ for a single bedroom);

    -Meal for the first night if accomodation in a gîte.

    -5 Excursions

    Visit of la Cité de Carcassonne and entrance to the Chateau comptal, an accredited tour guide during 2h30. + wine tasting in a private domain

     Albi and Cordes sur Ciel with a accredited tour guide on both sites

    2 hours cruise on the Canal du midi and St Papoul abbey entry fees,

    Chateaux de Lastours + accredited tour guide (2h)

    Entrance fees for Cabrespine trough fault valley.

    Discovery does not include :

    -Car hire (optional, we can take care of the rental on demand);

    -Excursions others than those specified above;

    -Food and beverage for the gîtes;

    -Personal products (hygiene etc…);

    -Meal (can be arranged with a home cooker. Prices on demand).


    Optional with supplement : relaxing and well-being massage by a professional masseuse (1 hour : 45€).

    Possibility to book a Guest House or a Hôtel instead of the gîte. Please ask for quotation.



    LOW SEASON PRICES (October, November, December (except from the 20th to 5th of January) , January, February, March, April)

    price pp for 2 peopleprice pp for 3 peopleprice pp for 4 peopleprice pp for 5 peopleprice pp for 6 peopleprice pp for 7 peopleprice pp for 8 people
    1700 euros1600 euros1500 euros1400 euros1300 euros1200 euros1100 euros

    MEDIUM SEASON PRICES (May, June, September)

    price pp for 2 peopleprice pp for 3 peopleprice pp for 4 peopleprice pp for 5 peopleprice pp for 6 peopleprice pp for 7 peopleprice pp for 8 people
    1810 euros1710 euros1610 euros1510 euros1410 euros1310 euros1210 euros

    HIGH SEASON PRICES (July, August)

    price pp for 2 peopleprice pp for 3 peopleprice pp for 4 peopleprice pp for 5 peopleprice pp for 6 peopleprice pp for 7 peopleprice pp for 8 people
    1920 euros1820 euros1720 euros1620 euros1520 euros1420 euros1320 euros


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