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Visit and Explore South of France!

At Trésor Languedoc we specialise in bespoke trips to the South of France, as well as themed holidays that allow you to immerse yourself in the traditionally “Sud de France” culture and activities in a friendly and warm environment. We take great pride in organising and delivering amazing excursions that enable you to discover the true beauty of the South of France and its culture.Our local tour guides are not just well read on the region, its history and culture, but both they and their families take great pride in sharing its richness.We take great pride in delivering what we believe is a superior service to our clients, assuring the very best of attention to detail throughout your experience with us.

We are committed to making your holiday in Languedoc Roussillon and the Midi Pyrenées unforgettable! Allowing you to enjoy and embrace this wonderful experience.

Olivia, Tour guide Toulouse, Occitanie region
Licensed tour guide

Licenced tour guide and driver.

Olivia is passionate by her native region, she will share with you her good mood, introduce you to the french lifestyle and tells you more about the history of the places that you will see…


Discover French life-style…

Visit the South of France with its historic heritage, its natural beauty, its vineyards, Olive groves and farms… Discover its authentic local industries, its traditional cookery, its culture and language. Trésor Languedoc offers you a warm welcome and is dedicated to ensuring you discover the marvels of Languedoc Roussillon and the Midi Pyrénées. Being a traveller myself and passionate about discovering new countries and new cultures, I want to show my native region with its breath-taking landscapes and bring you straight into the heart of our culture, traditions and life-style.


Be in total immersion by choosing an excursion but also a theme trip...(Cookery, French class, pottery, music festival, well being etc…) And because everyone’s idea of the perfect holiday is different I bespoke your holidays. You can choose one of the excursions or Vacation themes suggested or ask for a tailored trip.

Whether you will choose a theme trip of 1 week or more, an excursion of 1/2 a day to several days, designed or bespoke, Trésor Languedoc will make you spend the best time and make your expectations come true…Just relax and enjoy our beautiful and authentic heritage, our local industrie and local cooking…

Languedoc Roussillon

Languedoc-Roussillon, popularly known as the Languedoc, is the central region of the south of France; it includes the western Mediterranean coast of France, stretching from the Rhone valley in the east, to the Spanish border in the south west.

The “Langue d’oc” was the version of French spoken in the south of the country, and Languedoc referred to the part of France in which the “language of Oc” was spoken. “Oc” was the word for “yes” in this part of France, at a time when people in the north of France said “oeuil”, an old French word that has become modern French “oui”. Today, the “langue d’oc” survives in the patois still spoken by a few people in rural areas of this part of France.

Languedoc Roussillon and Midi Pyrénées, justifiably also called the Tuscany of France, that has so far escaped mainstream tourism is a beautiful, gentle rolling landscape with huge sunflower fields, gliding in soft waves to the far horizons of two oceans and bordering the Pyrenees mountain range.