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7 days, 6 nights (arrival on sunday, other on demand)

Pottery workshop holiday

From 1250 euros per person
7 days, 6 nights (arrival on sunday, other on demand)

Cookery holiday

from 1375 euros per person
7 days, 6 nights (arrival on sunday, other on demand)

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Visit and Explore South of France!

What do we do? 

At Trésor Languedoc we specialise in bespoke trips to the South of France, as well as themed holidays that allow you to immerse yourself in the traditionally “Sud de France” culture and activities in a friendly and warm environment.  Whether you would like to develop your culinary, language or creative skills, we have something of the highest order for you. Enjoy our cookery holiday developed and delivered by our highly qualified team of

traditional French Chefs. Or our language holiday that allows you to embrace the regional differences and accent that has allowed French to be considered one the worlds most romantic languages. Or you may want to consider our creative trip that celebrates the artisanal pottery, crafting and photography within the region in a relaxing and engaging workshop. We take great pride in organising and delivering amazing excursions that enable  (read more)

provence en france

Manager and Lead tour guide  with a full tourism driving license.

Welcome to The South of France. I look forward to greeting you and introducing you to a region close to my heart…


Visit the South of France with its historic heritage, its natural beauty, its vineyards, Olive groves and farms… Discover its authentic local industries, its traditional cookery, its culture and language. Trésor Languedoc offers you a warm welcome and is dedicated to ensuring you discover the marvels of Languedoc Roussillon and the Midi Pyrénées. Being a traveller myself and passionate about discovering new countries and new cultures, I want to show my native region with its breath-taking landscapes and bring you straight into the heart of our culture, traditions and life-style.


What Client Say 


  The very best of attention to people whose expectations are high!

Be in total immersion by choosing an excursion and themed trip…(Cookery class holiday, French class holiday, pottery class holiday, cultural tours, wine tours etc…) Because everyone’s idea of the perfect holiday is different, we create bespoke holidays in the South of France. Choose from our range of excursions or themed holidays or request a bespoke trip. Whether you choose a themed trip of 1
 week or more, an excursion of half a day or several days, designed or bespoke, Trésor Languedoc will make sure you have a great time and make your expectations come true…Just relax and enjoy our beautiful and authentic heritage, our local industry and local cooking… Discover and book our fabulous excursions aimed to… (read more